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Welcome to the online home of the
"Women's Asperger Circle”

The Women's Asperger Circle has been established as a women's group since July 2011.

A self help circle for women 30 years old and above who have been given a late in life diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome *.

The circles primary focus is building self awareness and self esteem.

Embracing positive strengths but also accepting any negative traits that may have held you back. We invite women to collaborate, encourage and educate each other, share ideas, experiences and opinions to enhance personel growth and take control of your life for a more fulfilled future and purpose. 

Many women have been misdiagnosed with mental health and personality disorders which has resulted in a late in life diagnosis of Aspergers. The root cause of an eating disorder, OCD, anxiety, depression, self harm etc may have been undiagnosed Autism.

  Misdiagnosed, misunderstood or missed altogether, many women with Autism have struggled to get the support they have needed.

The circle is user led and can offer the opportunity to function as part of a team.

We are a self funding group that reinvest in ourselves.

“a safe place to just try and be yourself”

    * The circle excludes presenters or trainers working within  the field of autism due to the potential conflict of interest.